Does Bathmate Really Work?

When a penis enlargement device makes a lot of waves, it is expected that people will want to know if it truly works or just a scam. I thought the same thing too when all over the internet, there was one article or the other talking about this penis pump. I have seen other pumps and was not new to the idea of penis pumps. But to hear of a penis pump that does not require air like others but water, I knew I must give it a try.

And so I got the almighty Bathmate penis pump and tried it out myself. And today, I am ready to give you my thoughts on whether it works or not.

What is Bathmate Penis Pump?

Certainly, we know that all penis pumps are not the same. But ultimately, they all work to achieve the same purpose which is to increase the size of your penis. The thing is that some of them have hidden dangers that the user may not be aware of. And that is why Bathmate was welcomed with an open arm when it debuted.

Bathmate penis pump like other pumps create suction and encourages more blood to flow in the penile region for an increased penis size. You have to make use of it the bathroom because it requires water. For best result, you should make use of this device with warm water as it is known to calm the penile tissues and also the penis skin for a more noticeable penis gain.

Does it really work?

There is no yes or no answer to this question. However I will not leave you the same way you came. I will give you my honest opinion and then tell you what I have experienced.

How Bathmate works

When it comes to any penis pump like Bathmate, the method is to insert the penis into a hollow tube that is cylindrically-shaped. When that is done, you then pump it using the bulb provided. In the case of Bathmate, you insert your penis when you are 60 percent erected. And then with the warm water already inside, you insert the penis. This is what increases the blood that flows to your penis and results in stronger erections. When your erection is strong and hard, your penis will appear quite big and even wider.

Quick and permanent gains

After pumping under the bath, your penis can increase lengthwise from .25 to .75 inches and then for girth, you may notice 5 to 1.25 inches. And this increase can last for hours. To get permanent increase, you have to make use of it consistently and allow at least a day off in a week and overtime you will notice gains that are permanent.

Benefits of using Bathmate penis pump

Good quality – from the price alone, you will know that this device is not made with cheap materials. But apart from the price, Bathmate is made with quality materials that are safe to use.

Safety – as mentioned earlier, some penis pumps work but pose some danger to the user, especially air pumps. This is why hydro pumps like Bathmate are the best because they are safe and easy to use.

Beginner-friendly – there is no complication in using Bathmate. They are very simple, convenient and comfortable to use.

Permanent results – with consistent use, your temporary results may become permanent.

Immediate result – you only need minutes to start seeing results. You will end up with a stronger and harder erection after using the device.

How to make use of the device

Like I have already pointed out, making use of Bathmate penis pump is as easy as they come. All that is required is that you fill the cylinder that comes with device with water (preferably warm water). Then insert your penis up to the point where your pubic bone is resting against the device base. You will then pump it so as to create suction. As you pump, water will be expelled from the valve and the suction will increase. When you have reached the right suction level, you can then stop and allow the device do the rest of the work.